To build an exceptional team, no compromises in quality can be made. It’s this commitment to quality that Integriti helps companies build great teams by:

  • tapping into a rich network of highly skilled professionals,
  • a nuanced and deep hands-on understanding of technology, and
  • a passion for details and timely delivery of leading industry talent.

All of this, along with taking the time to understand exactly what you need supports your success. Expect excellence at a competitive rate when you choose Integriti for your Technology talent service solutions.

Contingent Staffing

Fulfill shortages of critical skill sets for strategic initiatives or project-specific requirements. Whether you’re in need of a short term contract or a contract to permanent hire, you’re a conversation away from your perfect candidate! Scale Your Team

Permanent Placements

Who you hire directly impacts your company culture and team. Find your next long-term hire with Integriti. We’re committed to connecting you with the right fit to enhance your team and support the vision of your company. Find the Right Fit

Managed Delivery Services

Complement your own team with talent that makes your deliverables a reality. For projects that require unique skill sets, such as development or quality assurance, our managed delivery services provide the right people to help your team achieve results on time and within budget. Expand Your Abilities

Global Talent Acquisition

Your requirements may grow beyond local talent available in Canada. Expand your search worldwide for highly-sought-after tech talent. We can provide highly skilled and well- vetted candidates who are immediately available to relocate to Canada. Seek International Talent

Payroll Services

Experience all the talent without the risks of payroll through Integriti’s Payroll Services. When you find the perfect candidate for your contract position, let us support the payroll side as we would with your other contingent staffing needs. Manage Your Risks

Ready to enhance your Technology abilities with the right requirements?

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