Integriti augmented
dev teams

Boost your dev team

Need a temporary talent booster or long-term support from qualified and experienced software engineers? Businesses might need to add on new talent to their team to enhance productivity, improve your speed to market, or employ a specific skill set for a certain period. As your software development partner, we help you create competitive advantages for your business. 

Scale up your business with IT staff augmentation.

In today’s dynamic corporate world, companies need to be flexible with their staffing strategies to find hard-to-find software developers for their business’s changing needs. With our 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Integriti is perfectly positioned to help you add skilled technical resources to your in-house software engineering team temporarily or permanently.

At Integriti, we strive to adapt to the needs of our clients. Our team works with you to determine your existing development capabilities and which skills need to be added to your team to successfully execute your project. We not only allow you to choose candidates based on your needs but also give you full liberty to cut or expand your augmented team according to your project demands. 

Cost efficiency

We offer a transparent cost structure that ensures that you don’t have to worry about administrative expenses like office space, workstations, etc. We take care of everything while you get to focus on your main business activities. 

Productivity boost

Through our staff augmentation services, your team productivity will skyrocket as developers will spend 100% of their work time focusing on a single project. Engineers will have high motivation and dedication as they will be following the vision of one client.

Access to quality talent

Working with Integriti will give you access to our large talent pool of IT experts which will make it easier to find replacements for engineers. Also, we will help you reduce the time spent on recruitment via our effective screening processes.

Greater flexibility

You will be able to scale up and down flexibly as you are free to alter the size of your team as needed with on-demand talent. This will ensure that your business can respond with agility to changes in market demands and opportunities.

How augmented teams can cure your tech troubles.

As a software development provider, we want to ensure smooth and transparent IT collaborations with our clients. We achieve this by not only listening to their challenges and concerns but also making sure to deliver solutions for them. Partnering with Integriti will help you overcome: 

Project delays due to long recruitment processes

Talent shortages in the local Canadian market

Segregation between In-house and remote dev teams

Difficulty hiring developers with rare tech stack

How it

From start to finish, we are there with you throughout the entire development process.

Needs Assessment

A well-executed Discovery phase is essential to project success. We identify and document your project goals, business needs, tech stack, development process, and governance process

Step 1


Whether you need a single software developer or multiple dev teams, we will select best resources to meet your project requirements. Whether its analysts, developers, project managers or QA engineers, we pick the top tech engineers best-fitting talented professionals to breathe life into your project.

Step 2


Our software developers quickly integrate with your team and start working on your project. We decide on the most useful tools and methodologies for your project and create a roadmap for the entire process.

Step 3


We help you maintain high productivity levels once the project has kicked off. Our team is constantly in touch with you to communicate status updates and to respond to your feedback. We offer complete transparency at this stage by tracking and reporting progress via project management tools.

Step 4


Based on years of practice, we execute your projects within your desired time frame. Our team ensures that all the requirements and feedback are fully catered to. To ensure smooth product development, we also offer you the flexibility to scale up or down quickly and conveniently.

Step 5