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Magnetic Marketing allows you to differentiate your brand, amplify your voice using social channels and grow your ROI.

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Cut through the

70% of consumers today expect brands to have a social media presence. Not only do they want to have personalized and comprehensive social media, but they also demand a seamless experience with it. After analyzing and understanding your needs, we curate a tailored social media strategy to engage your customers, promote your identity and build a loyal digital community.

Drive your results with Magnetic.

With the right tools and people by your side, you can unleash the power of social media marketing in no time. We help businesses reach out, connect, and engage with their target audience through various social media platforms.

Differentiate Your Brand

 A well-planned social media strategy can help your customers understand what makes you unique. This is the core of all your social media efforts.

Increase Engagement

 With a healthy mix of various organic and paid social media channels, we engage the right audience for your brand to maximize engagement.

Build Online Community

Creating a special bond between you and your customers is the next step towards creating a wholesome social media experience.

What we do.

As a full-service digital agency, we blend everything from strategy and planning to execution and management to take your organization to the next level. We are keen on adding value through a unique approach that kickstarts your business reinvention. Find out more about what we do right here:

Social Media Audit & Strategy

Our team of experts audit, assess, and evaluate your service areas, industry, and current social media assets to curate strategies that can enhance engagement and generate more leads.

Social Media Campaigns

To target and bring the traffic, we provide a blend of ad campaigns that can boost your visibility. We mix organic content with high-performance tactics that can deliver actionable results.

Content Development

Creating high-quality content is no easy task. It requires staying on top of trends and anticipating what your audience is looking for. We develop a content strategy full of eye-catching content to drive the right customer action. Check out our content calendar to get an idea of how you can also develop one for your team!

Analysis and Reporting

We track and report the performance of campaigns. This gives us insight regarding real-time results, whether the strategies we have implemented are working and what can be done to improve.

Social Media Management

Even if you have your social media strategies in place and your social channels running, we’ve got you. We can manage your social media, nurture your relationships, and maintain your image effortlessly.

Community Management

Developing and nurturing a loyal online community takes a lot of effort. Our team manages, monitors, and promotes your brand community across various platforms.

Real results with social media marketing.

We track and report real-time data for real-time results. This helps you dive deeper into what customers want from you.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Return on investment
  • Social Listening
  • Paid Ads and more

Our 3C


We gather and analyse data to identify and capture the attention of your target audience.


This is the stage that comes after you’ve closed the sale. It is now time to delight your customers enough to win over their loyalty. This can be done through special offers and content geared towards charming.


During this stage, marketing efforts are focused on securing the sale. You have captured an audience but what now? You need to convert them into repeat customers. This involves engaging leads and providing them with offers they cannot refuse!

What makes Magnetic magical?

  • We offer research-based and data-driven solutions
  • We take a co-innovative approach to addressing problems
  • Our 3C process ensures end-to-end support
  • We strategize for the entire customer journey: awareness, 
  • consideration, and decision stage

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