Integriti offers dynamic staff augmentation solutions from Contingent Staffing to Permanent Placements to Global Talent Acquisition, with additional Payroll Services to make reaching your team objectives as seamless as possible. Enhance your Talent Today. Enhance your Talent Today!


Payroll Services.

You successfully found the ideal Technology candidate to join your company. Yet, you may not be able to support hiring them as an employee. Enter, Integriti’s payroll services. Enjoy all the benefits of working with a team member who has the right skills and personality to fit within your team, but remove the risk associated with payroll itself. Here, Integriti manages all aspects of the payroll process, including employee payment, Canada Revenue Agency submissions, and ensuring compliance in all other necessary government reporting related to staffing.

Integriti’s Complaint Payroll Solutions.

Your payroll processing services will be customized to your needs. Outlined in your solution will be:

  • Pay period schedule based on your preference (e.g. weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Valuable performance insights with flexible reporting schedules, from weekly to monthly

  • Knowledge of statutory payroll deductions from holidays to taxes

  • Due diligence, with complete risk management and legal awareness

  • Canada Revenue Agency compliance, including submission of important tax forms, such as T4s


Knowledge, Trust, and Strategy in Services.

Complementing our other talent services and professional services, we promise to bring the same level of quality service and strategic approach in supporting your payroll needs. Trust that your perfect candidate for your contract position will be cared for as any other of your team members, while you enjoy not having the payroll responsibility.

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