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Most Globally In-Demand Web Frameworks for Development, 2021.

Having trouble selecting the right framework for Web development?

Companies want to choose a framework that matches their goals and resources. Developers, on the other hand, want to select a framework that is highly demanded in the job market and fits their professional profile. This decision, for both parties, relies heavily on the job market for developers. In fact, by studying this market, we can get important insights into developer profiles and the programming requirements of companies. This “market” will give us an idea of the demand and supply of well-known web frameworks that can help us identify and resolve real technical skills gaps. To find the popularity and the job market demand for these frameworks, I have used a recent survey by CodinGame.

A recent survey ranked web frameworks based on their popularity among the developers and the demand by employers. The results show that Node.js, .NET Core and React are the most popular frameworks amongst developers right now. Survey results also show off strong placements by other popular frameworks like Vue.js, Angular variants, Django, etc. On the other hand, React is the most sought-after framework by employers in 2021. In fact, this demand has created a huge shortage in the job market for developers! As the graph shows, 59% of tech recruiters said that they were on the lookout for programmers who knew React. While only 27.6% of developers knew how to use the open-source JavaScript library. [On a side note, visit our job portal for exciting new positions for developers specializing in these frameworks].

Another similar shortage exists for Angular2+ specialists. Node.js and Angular2+ also made it to recruiters’ list of top three frameworks for 2021. The demand for Angular2+ specialists was 41% while only 16.9% of developers claimed that they were familiar with the framework. As for Node.js, while there is also a shortage of specialists dealing in this framework, the situation is comparatively less severe. In the survey, 50% of the recruiters claimed to be recruiting for Node.js specialists while 36% of programmers were acquainted with the framework.

In my personal opinion, React is the strongest framework as it can break down the complex interface and allows developers to work on individual components. React libraries are also best suited for companies aspiring to build a highly reactive user interface.

The survey overall highlights a shortage of developers skilled in prominent frameworks like React, Node.js, and Angular2+. We suggest these developers to move towards these frameworks as it will help them in finding better job opportunities and staying relevant. These insights are also important for a company’s decision on these frameworks as you do not want to adopt lesser-known frameworks. Remember to choose stable and well adapted frameworks, like React, to avoid such shortages and technical skills gap.

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