Achieving business results doesn’t mean taking on the added risk of hiring staff. Instead, improve operational efficiency and augment your team’s abilities with Integriti’s managed delivery services.

Our process pivots based on your flexible delivery needs. After clarifying your project requirements, we develop the right team to support your project-based engagements and outsourced programs. Once assigned, we managed the team from assignment to completion, allowing you to focus on strategic development for your business. No matter your specific needs, the end goal is always the same: delivery on-time, on-budget, and on-scope.

The Value Behind Managed Delivery

Managed delivery allows you to take advantage of highly skilled Technology professionals in a cost-effective and timely manner..

Managed delivery is an exceptional solution for your team when:

  • Your main focus is the big picture.
    While you may have begun with managing tasks on a day-to-day basis, your team’s achievements rely on your strategic thinking. Outsourcing skii-based tasks will help you level-up.
  • Managing a remote team seems to cause more stress than ease.
    With managed delivery, the right team with the exact skill sets, talent, and experience required is assembled, accomplishing your defined KPIs with minimal supervision.
  • You’re experiencing growing pains. Managed delivery complements your core team’s strengths and fills in the gaps in manpower and skills that drive your business further.

Experience Integriti’s Managed Delivery Difference

With a focus on collaborative and client-focused services, Integriti provides managed delivery solutions with these key considerations in mind:

  • Flexibility
    Managed delivery options with Integriti allow your team to remain agile, only taking on the resources you need at that moment.
  • Scalability
    Innovation requires fresh perspectives and diverse skill sets. Managed delivery allows you to easily outsource specific tasks to experts who will effectively complement your permanent team.
  • Cost-Control
    Managed delivery means managed expectations. This staffing solution is most commonly fixed in scope, meaning that you don’t have to worry about costly surprises at the end of the job.
  • Reliability
    Our network of global service providers are carefully vetted to ensure that you will always have clear communication and the quality results you expect.
  • Risk Management
    Building a strictly in-house team means assuming large responsibility and even larger risk. With our managed delivery services, you’re able to maximize your team’s capacity without maximizing risk.

Take advantage of opportunities managed delivery can offer your organization, particularly for projects relating to data cleansing, quality assurance, and system administration.

Expand your talent base to complement your team!

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