If the highly specialized skill sets that you need can’t be found in Canada, it’s time to expand your search to the global talent market.

While onshore talent may be the primary centre of your team, expanding your team abilities with high-performing global talent can give you the upper hand in achieving your business goals. Global talent acquisition with Integriti allows you to gain access to the right employee, both in terms of skill and personality fit. Once you’ve found the right fit, we can help guide the immigration process with the added benefit of seeking talent that fits under Canada’s Global Talent Stream program.

Global Access to Specialist Technical Skills and Positions

Crucial in this process is that the candidate in this role must not have skills found in our borders. These commonly-requested specialties and technologies may include:

  • Data Scientists,
  • Machine Learning Scientists,
  • Machine Learning Engineers,
  • Software Engineers,
  • Engineering Managers,
  • QA Automation Engineers,
  • ASIC Design / Layout Engineers,
  • Python Developers,
  • Ruby on Rails Developers,
  • C++ Developers,
  • PHP Developers,
  • Scala Developers,
  • Node.js Developers,
  • SDET – Software Development in Test Analog and Signal Design,
  • Product Managers,
  • Technical Project Manager, and
  • DevOps.

With these types of requirements, we find that the most-requested specialty positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Full-stack developers,
  • Back-end engineers,
  • Front-end engineers,
  • Mobile developers, and
  • iOS and Android developers

Unique Talent Beyond Canada’s Borders

Integriti’s focus on collaborative and straight-forward staffing has led to client-first global talent acquisition that allows you to focus on your business, not legalities.

Through our in-depth and thorough global talent acquisition solution, you may be able to see how chosen candidates fit into your team on a trial basis, reducing the risk of hiring permanently right away. Once you’ve decided that the candidate is the exact talent that you’re looking for, Integriti leverages expertise and relationships with legal partners that are highly knowledgeable in all areas of immigration.

As your strategic partner, Integriti acts as your intermediary and advocate to ensure that you receive the right resources.

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