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Get your email efforts right with Magnetic Marketing. Engage customers or prospects and grow your business with our email marketing services. 

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Why Email

Every day, about 3.9 billion individuals across the world communicate via email, and no other medium comes close Are you making the most of email marketing’s potential in your business strategy? Don’t worry, we have got it sorted for you.  

Everything, Email.

Interact with your audience, earn their confidence, and grow the network of subscribers who are eager to hear from you! 

Expand Business Reach

 Email marketing allows you to send unique messages to your audiences such as discounts, greetings, or any personalized messages.

Connect With Your Audience

 Stats show that 72 % of email users check their inboxes up to 6 times a day. It’s a proven method for better reach!

Build Customer Loyalty

 Frequent email marketing can develop strong customer loyalty while driving sales. Send emails daily, weekly, or monthly with personalized content to your loyal customers.

What we do.

As a full-service digital agency, we blend everything from strategy and planning to execution and management to take your organization to the next level. We are keen on adding value through a unique approach that kickstarts your business reinvention. Find out more about what we do right here:

Email Strategy

We help curate a custom email strategy that works with your business ensuring that you get your penny’s worth.

Build eye-catching templates

Create beautiful emails with easy drag and drop templates or get custom designs from our design experts.

Customer Segmentation

Segment and target small subsets from your audience to improve engagement and conversions.

Tracking and Follow-up

We track and send follow-up emails to your audience at various intervals. This ensures higher engagement.

A/B split Testing

Test your email campaigns before sending them out to your audience to improve the chances of conversions.

Monthly Performance

We keep track of monthly performance to gain insight for future campaigns. We let you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Our 3C


We gather and analyse data to identify and capture the attention of your target audience.


This is the stage that comes after you’ve closed the sale. It is now time to delight your customers enough to win over their loyalty. This can be done through special offers and content geared towards charming.


During this stage, marketing efforts are focused on securing the sale. You have captured an audience but what now? You need to convert them into repeat customers. This involves engaging leads and providing them with offers they cannot refuse!

What makes
Magnetic magical?

  • We offer research-based and data-driven solutions
  • We take a co-innovative approach to addressing problems
  • Our 3C process ensures end-to-end support
  • We strategize for the entire customer journey: awareness, 
  • consideration, and decision stage

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