Dedicated Software Development Teams.

Team of elite engineers at your disposal.

Work with dedicated teams of seasoned software engineers to meet all your technology needs without having to wage a war for talent. While our hand-picked teams work autonomously, we believe in continuously keeping in touch with our clients through each stage of the project life cycle. Our goal is to help you improve business efficiency while also producing more results with high agility and dedicated focus. 

Dedicated Development Teams Model.

businesses need software development resources to bring their to life. Understandably, not every company has an in-house software development teamMoreover, recruiting tech talent is also a timeconsuming and costly challenge for businesses due to a massive shortage of qualified IT professionals in Canada. One viable solution to this problem is our dedicated teams model which can help businesses scale up by meeting all their IT needs. We provide you with an autonomous team of software developers, engineers, and designers which will exclusively focus on the development process for your projects.

Dedicated teams
model offers:

Cost Reduction

Reduces your business expenses as you won’t have to pay for offices, workspaces, training, equipment, coffee, etc.

Quality Talent

Our developers come with solid experience and relevant educational background in your domain. They are not just expert coders but also great problem solvers who add value to your projects.

Timely Delivery

On average, it can take up to 1.5 months to hire a developer especially if you need a niche tech stack. Through our dedicated teams service, we will handpick developers for you who can quickly start work on your projects.

Committed Staff

The team assigned to you will work solely on your projects. They become a part of your team and are fully committed to the mission and success of your projects.

Flexibility and Scalability

You can scale up and down your team as per your project needs. We also provide part-time employees to assist you with any specific tasks in technology outside your tech stack

How it

From start to finish, we are there with you throughout the entire development process.

Needs Assessment

A well-executed Discovery phase is essential to project success. We identify and document your project goals, business needs, tech stack, development process, and governance process

Step 1


Whether you need a single software developer or multiple dev teams, we will select best resources to meet your project requirements. Whether its analysts, developers, project managers or QA engineers, we pick the top tech engineers best-fitting talented professionals to breathe life into your project.

Step 2


Our software developers quickly integrate with your team and start working on your project. We decide on the most useful tools and methodologies for your project and create a roadmap for the entire process.

Step 3


We help you maintain high productivity levels once the project has kicked off. Our team is constantly in touch with you to communicate status updates and to respond to your feedback. We offer complete transparency at this stage by tracking and reporting progress via project management tools.

Step 4


Based on years of practice, we execute your projects within your desired time frame. Our team ensures that all the requirements and feedback are fully catered to. To ensure smooth product development, we also offer you the flexibility to scale up or down quickly and conveniently.

Step 5