When you need critical skill sets for capital expenditure initiatives, Integriti is here to help you find the perfect candidate. Our contingent staffing can maximize your ROI through high flexibility, fixed costs, and reduced financial risk. We offer both short-term contract resources and contract to hire placements. Confidently scale your team as demands fluctuates for specialized needs or strategic initiatives to achieve your long term business goals.

Impactful Short-term Contingent Staffing

All talent staffing begins with collaboration between you and Integriti. Through an initial discovery call, we can outline the fixed quote and time period that your open position calls for in order to find the best temporary resource. The ideal staffing solution for structured projects with fixed timelines that are typically up to 12 months, you’ll connect with the right talent to support your company when you need them to.

Benefit from Contract to Permanent Staffing Services

Contract to permanent placements serve a special role that allows your team to maximize your Technology abilities while minimizing the risk often associated with that of a permanent hire.

A valuable hiring option for many medium to large companies that are actively seeking scalability while being conscious of expenses, a contract to permanent hire can lower your financial risk by:

  • Spreading the cost of the contractor over a three to six or twelve month period,
  • Deeming contractors as a capital expense rather than a bottom-line expense, and
  • Slowly and strategically building up your staff investment.

To find the best talent for your contract to permanent goals, Integriti’s process seeks to uncover contingent staffing needs early in client relationships. By doing this, Integriti remains transparent with the talent pool, leading to clear expectations and aspirations and, ultimately, the best hire for your team.

Service that’s Driven by Expertise and Collaboration

Building a team that can achieve long-term business goals can be easy. At Integriti, our concierge staffing services manage all aspects of talent sourcing, screening, operations and payroll. This way, you can remain focused on the task at hand, rather than finding the right talent.

Above all, a relationship with Integriti begins with trust. Throughout every step of our staffing service solutions, we aim to ensure that you remain confident in your next hire, allowing you to focus on your larger organization.

Easily scale your team with Integriti’s staffing services!

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