How to Outperform in Technical Interview?

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Are you feeling stressed out about your next tech interview?

A technical interview is a demanding and specialized process where candidates are tested on their coding and problem-solving skills as well as soft skills and personality. This can be quite a stressful experience for candidates, especially where whiteboard interviews are concerned. As an award-winning IT services provider, we want to share our expertise and offer guidance on how to shine in your next technical interview.

Smart practice

It is extremely important to research and practice common coding challenges and tech interview questions beforehand. Familiarity with the type of problems you are likely to encounter in the interview will help in improving your confidence in your knowledge. We recommend practicing coding without the help of a code editor. Also, consider timing yourself to get accustomed to the time pressure. Remember, creating a more realistic scenario makes the preparation more effective.

Don’t panic

In technical interviews, interviewers are not just evaluating how a candidate breaks down a problem but are also interested in analyzing how they debug a problem. So, if there is an error with your code, do not panic! Avoid thrashing the code in desperation and maintain your logical flow. Treat your mistake as an opportunity to impress the interviewer.


While completing your coding challenges, it is recommended to communicate your thought process to the recruiters. Good Interviewers are not always looking for completely accurate solutions. Instead, they are more concerned with your critical thinking abilities and tech fundamentals. It is recommended to talk out loud while solving the problem to avoid losing out on the position due to a minor blunder. Remember most interviews are designed to test the basic requirement of a job. While recruiters will not try to pull additional information out of you, we encourage our candidates to share their expertise and knowledge organically in the interview.

Recruiters often write off good candidates by citing reasons like technical skills gap. Hence, candidates need to exhibit their technical expertise effectively. We hope these suggestions can assist job seekers in out-performing their next tech interview.

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